you can also set up multiple different areas for other branches of your company


Offer any and all services you would like with your own pricing. Also,The Service Estimator is set up with the default services and pricing of the founders Lawncare company, Precision Cut Lawn Service, just incase you would rather adopt our pricing.

The Service Estimator allows you to set up:
-tiered pricing groups
-pricing for grass height/additional work
-additional charges for gates in sizing from 0″-36″, 36″-52″, and 52″ and above


The Service Estimator is easily added to any website with a simple plugin that allows you to provide clients with an instant, client generated estimates directly from your own website. You are able to capture address or all of info you choose:

-email address
-grass height
-whether property has a fence and if so gate size


Be able to send consistent and easily trackable estimates directly from The Service Estimator. We all have older clients or clients that refuse to use the tool on the website. No Problem! Send out estimates with all your companies terms, pricing, and info directly to them from The Service Estimator. On top of this, the client is able to select/deselect any service you offer along with signing up online instantly


If you have other people who sell for you, you can easily set them up as a salesman within your client portal and allow your team to send out consistent estimates. You as an administrator will also be able to easily view and look over all estimates as well to ensure quality.


-Coming Soon- Plowing Estimator
easily send out consistent plowing estimates with all plotwing, sidewalks and snow pile areas highlighted and

designated for each property. Along with sending your clients with consistent pricing, trigger selection and more.

-Coming Soon- Fencing Estimator
easily send out accurate fencing estimates with any and all options you prefer(chain link, aluminum/immitation rod iron, privacy, etc) along with gate placements and sizing.
-Software Integration: as we build we plan to integrate the most popular software programs in our industry to easily add and track all new clients within what you already use. Current plan is Yardbook, LMN, SA and potentially others based on your input.


General Overview

customizable pricing

easy to instal on your own site

add or remove any service